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OK – to follow up on my earlier post about not waiting to follow up on medical issues when they arise, I went to do an ultrasound at a place called

Edward Street X-Ray and Ultrasound

this clinic is a great facility, very professional and human at the same time – they found a lesion on my bladder – which accounts for my health issues as of late

The clinic then forwarded my info to my Dr who I saw the next day and I got scheduled for a visit with a cancer Dr where I got a date for a biopsy on this lesion to determine or confirm the presence of cancer.  It is a cliche but there is nothing like sitting in a room with your Dr (and mine is a great Dr) and listening to him tell you that, most likely you have cancer.

I have been doing some research on cancer and I have discovered the bleak reality facing people who are afflicted with this disease.  The general overview seems to be that the cancer industry has been providing a treatment protocol; based on surgery and and chemo therapy/radiation which has been as harmful to patients – if not more so – than the disease itself.

Unfortunately, this industry has not been able to make any significant gains in dealing with the disease over the last 50 or 60 years and, worse, the general feeling in the alternative medical protocols space is that the current mainstream medical model neither understands the disease nor treats it very well.

It has become crucial for any cancer patient to get into some deep research when deciding what path they are going to take.

Gerson Institute

the major cause of bladder cancer is smoking and I have smoked for 40 years – I am so addicted that even now I am finding it really hard to quit.  I have been able to cut down about 80% but that is not enough.  i am going to start the beta blockers therapy today – a 12 week program – because quitting smoking is crucial for everyone who has cancer (no kidding) but it should be the number one priority of everyone who smokes.

I also went for a colonoscopy at this place:  Kensington Health Screening 

which is a great place – again very professional and very caring, and I got a clean bill of health for that which was a great relief.

Now I would also like to say a word about health care in Canada as opposed to healthcare in the United States.  In Canada healthcare in mostly free.  In the United States it is a privatized, for profit system which is driven by money.

for someone like myself who went from feeling bad to getting a diagnosis in a short period of time, i have had to pay 50 dollars to the ultrasound clinic to cover some follow up items not covered by the government – like phone contacts with the Dr or medical notes and such items.

If I lived in the United States I would probably be spending several thousands of dollars and I would probably be looking at tens of thousands of dollars of future cost to get the treatments I need.  These costs would mean that many people would simply not get care because they don’t have the money or insurance to pay for it.

There exists a very phony debate about comparing the health care systems in both countries which is a joke – there is no comparison.  The only reason there is a debate at all is because the corporations who own both the healthcare system and the media in the US provide an ongoing false debate to protect their profits.

These HMO’s and private corporations in the US make money by denying care – they are death mongers who are in the “business” to make money and their profits reflect the deaths of their “patients”

message of the day – quit smoking – at all costs do yourself a major favor – quit smoking