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Mr Gatto is requesting donations be made through his website for his new film called

The Fourth Purpose

Part I – What’s Wrong with our schools?

Part II – How did it get that way?

Part III – What can we do?parents and teachers.

Mr Gatto is featured in a 5 hour discussion on youtube noted below on this page and I highly recommend the series of 5 – 1 hours talks.  Mr Gatto is brilliant and he understands history and education on a sublime level.  He is a world renown lecturer who is witty, scholastic, and he is very kind and understanding.
Spend some time with him as he talks to Richard Grove from Tragedy and Hope, another web site you should be thinking about making community with.
Back to the film, donations of any size are appreciated and if you do donate you can be sure that you are funding some great information (badly needed) from one the truly “good guys” in this world.