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Quitting smoking is undoubtedly one of the hardest things to do, especially after you have been at it for some years.  Smoking becomes ingrained into every aspect of your life from dawn to dusk and it seems to permeate every cell.

Why do people smoke?

How can you stop smoking?

Quitting cold turkey!

If and when you decide to quit don’t be disappointed by relapses.  You have done well to start quitting and you just need to stick to it – don’t beat yourself up, the cigarettes are doing that quite enough.

Celebrate your victories – even 1 non-smoked cigarette is a victory.

There is an old joke that goes: quitting smoking is easy – I do it all the time.  Let me just encourage you to continue to quit – no matter how long it takes or how many relapses you have to go through – each time is a victory.

Imagine yourself in the future not smoking – what would life be like, how would you feel, what would you be doing?

Keep the faith – human beings have endured through the worst of times and everyone can endure quitting smoking – your big pay off is one day you will be able to utter the wonderful line:

No thanks, I don’t smoke.

God bless all the smokers and especially those who are quitting – no matter what you have to go through to quit it is worth it.  Just keep at it!