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As I struggle through my smoking cessation plan I am constantly relearning the basic fact that it is really hard to stop this filthy habit.

Early on in my career as a social worker I did a lot of work with alcoholics. Alcoholism rivals cigarette smoking in terms of its being a societal problem, perhaps even eclipses smoking (if that is possible) as an addiction.

Every family knows both of these addictions well I am sure – we all have friends who drink too much and we all have friends who smoke.  Both of these addictions reduce quality of life, destroy relationships, and shorten lifespan.

I believe they both work in somewhat the same way in that they are both constantly nagging away at your psyche every second of the day.  Both of these addictions haunt your every waking moment and can appear to eclipse other facets of your life – like love, friendships, trust and simpe good sense.

Most importantly, both are “legal”.  I don’t need a Harvard dissertation to assign these two addictions as being the two most harmful addictions in our society today and yet they are both legal.

And when you realize that the two main beneficiaries of these addictions are the businesses who sell them and the governments who tax them I think you get a sense of the psychopathology of both these players.  The last thing the government would like to see is a ban on either one of these products – due to concerns about revenue loss.

I believe the government capitulates to the business community because they work for the business community, as the bank bailouts have displayed over the least few years.  Bankster terrorism is now a prevalent reality of our daily lives and many would argue that the banks already run our lives as a defacto one world government already.

Drugs and wars are really the two biggest money making enterprises of the business community and have always been.  And as historians have pointed out – usually both sides of any given war are funded by the same bankster terrorists who make money financing the destruction of entire countries and then make money rebuilding these same devastated countries, often taking over control of them with debt during the process.

Such is the world we live in.

Quick example: Max Warburg sat on the board of IG Farben until 1938 – IG Farben was the weapons maker for the Nazis.

His brother Paul Warburg was a wall street banker who was one of the prime players in the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank – a bank which is neither federal nor has any reserves.

Both brothers were involved in the funding of both sides of World War 1 and World War 2.

So, they fund wars and they use their powers to control society in order to make more money.

Making profits from vice is one of their core businesses, always has been.

Alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc all just profit mechanisms, nothing more.

Now to get back to tobacco – not only is it one of the most dangerous products in use today it is protected by both the businesses and governments who make money from them.

The only real revenge one can have in the face of theses avaricious demons is to refuse to play.  No one forces anyone to buy cigarettes or alcohol, you have to do it willingly which is the most insidious twist in this whole macabre situation.

So stopping smoking not only leads to better health and longer life but it also somewhat diminishes the control the psychopathic bankers have over your money.

A few years ago when the heads of the American tobacco companies were compelled to testify before congress they compared the addiction to smoking to the urge to eat jellybeans or ju jubes.

But when asked they all confessed to the same thing – not one of them smoked.

The Waxman hearings

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