Cormac McCarthy – Great American Writer


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Cormac McCarthy is a great american writer – many of his books have been made into movies, most notably

No Country For Old Men

The Road

i recommend cormac highly, he is my favorite writer

Cormac’s website

Yale course analysis of Blood Meridian from the great american novel series

i had to go to do a medical test today – i had an ultrasound and i just want to encourage anyone who is putting off getting a test done – whatever it is  – to go for it, don’t wait.  like a lot of guys i had some symptoms and i ignored them until they became hard to ignore and now i wish i hadn’t waited

hopefully i don’t have anything too dramatic but i should have taken action earlier

so guys – and girls – if something isn’t right about your health don’t ignore the problem – don’t put off finding out what is causing you discomfort – if you’ve got some issues get them taken care of – your issues are not going to go away just because you are waiting